Film, TV, Commercials & Theatre 


For over 15 years I worked as a Sculptor & Costume Fabricator in the film and television industry.


My credits include Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, Gladiator, Lost in Space and The Fifth Element. Over the years I have worked on productions for The Royal Ballet, English National Opera and LA Opera, as well as a number of projects with Gerald Scarfe, including sculpting for his retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery and his exhibition at the Millennium Dome.  


I still keep my hand in with occasional freelance work for Animated Extras at Shepperton Studios.





I have collaborated with artist Tabatha Andrews on a series of ambitious sculpture workshops for young people. On a number of occasions we have transformed an ordinary room into a fantastical forest or a winter wonderland!


Tabatha and I also ran Body Morphing a week-long sculpture-into-costume workshop for adults, part of Dartmoor Arts 2015.

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